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Rose & Caramel Raises Awareness For Women’s Self-Esteem & Mental Health With ‘I TAN FOR ME’ Campaign


Rose & Caramel Raises Awareness For Women’s Self-Esteem & Mental Health With ‘I TAN FOR ME’ Campaign

Aiming to raise awareness for women’s self-esteem and mental health, British cruelty-free, at-home tanning brand Rose & Caramel has launched its ‘I TAN FOR ME’ campaign. The company was inspired by heart-felt stories and photos shared with them by their fans, who spoke candidly about everything from how the brand’s products have given them more self- and body-confidence, to how the products have helped cover up side effects caused by conditions such as endometriosis.

The campaign aims to help customers and women to feel comfortable in their own skin, giving them the confidence to say ‘I tan for me’, while encouraging us to be ourselves, and be the best possible version of our self.

So what inspired the initiative? Rose & Caramel owner and entrepreneur Rosie Greenhalgh was touched about how her products have impacted individual lives of women, and inspired them to speak out with such declarations of support and encouragement to the company. She also asked herself where her own obsession with fake tan began, and what she could do to give back to the community of women in the UK hit hard by self-esteem and mental health issues.

Rosie’s own story started aged 11. With an extremely pale complexion, she found it hard to achieve the desired ‘tanned’ look she was seeking – one that her friends at school would be sporting throughout the summer months and holidays. As a surprise, her mother allowed her to buy her first bottle of fake tan.

“It was from The Body Shop – a thin lotion with a watermelon scent,” Rosie says. “I can’t believe the detail I can remember about it; I applied it and woke up extremely brown, then went to school the next day feeling the best I had ever felt. I finally felt like I looked good and all the girls said, ‘Wow, look at the colour of you!’ I didn’t tell a soul it was fake, until dinner time and someone on the yard said, ‘Oh my god, look at her hands’ – they were bright orange, and I mean illuminous. Luckily, even though I was dying inside, I managed to laugh it off!! That was the start of a lifelong relationship that developed between myself and self-tan.”

As part of the ‘I TAN FOR ME’ initiative, Rose & Caramel has launched a social media campaign for customers to share before and after photos. For each post shared, the brand will donate £5 to leading mental health charity Mind for better mental health in the UK. Customers can also support the campaign with their online purchases at Simply use the code MIND upon checkout and £5 from your purchase will be donated to the charity.

To read more stories from those who have shared or inspired this campaign, click here.

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