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Your Christmas tree could help preserve the Borneo rainforest

As we strive to be more sustainable during the Christmas period, we're constantly on the search for zero-waste solutions, and gifts that give back. Now, a new initiative means that even our tree can help us 'do good' during the season.

Your Christmas tree could help preserve the Borneo rainforest

Christmas Tree World, the UK’s leading supplier of artificial Christmas trees, has teamed up with Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) to help save the rainforest. For every order placed on the brand’s website, a new tree will be planted in the Borneo rainforest. With up to 25,000 trees expected to be planted by Christmas Tree World in 2019 alone, it could result in the reforestation of over 50 hectares, proving that small acts can have a big impact.

“Climate change is the most important issue globally in this day and age, and with our background in traditional horticulture, we have a real affinity with what the BNF is working to achieve,” Stephen Evans, owner of Christmas Tree World, said. “We particularly like the way the BNF encourages local communities in Borneo to grow the trees from seed collected in the rainforest.

“As well as the financial pledge we’re pleased to commit, we’ll be working closely with the BNF to assist with the reforestation process where we can, helping to upscale the process and make the largest impact possible.”

The partnership will see some of the world’s most important and damaged areas of tropical rainforest receive vital protection for its wildlife, environment and indigenous peoples. The area is also home to 10% of the world’s wild orangutans, which are at risk from poachers and habitat loss owing to deforestation, wildfires and illegal logging.

To buy a tree or find out more about the partnership, visit