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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Tried and tested by the Veggie team

 Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Looking for ways to reduce your food waste and be kinder to the planet? We have some ideas below, plus tried and tested products for you to try…

Use an app to seek out cheap bites

If you’re looking to reduce both your food waste and outgoing costs, it could be worth trying some of the brilliant apps that have been developed in recent years. There are those that can help you keep track of what’s in your fridge (such as No Waste), those that aim to help connect retailers with excess food to those who fancy a bargain (like Too Good to Go and Karma) and even those that can help you connect with local people and give away your unused items for free (like Olio).

We Love: Too Good To Go

Essentially, this app connects you with restaurants, cafes, shops and bakeries who have surplus food that would otherwise go in the bin. You receive a magic bag of goodies at a heavily discounted rate, making it a real bargain. In the past, we’ve bought bundles from big name brands like the Co-op and Costa as well as delicious bits from small-scale bakeries. The only downside to this app is that it’s usually a ‘mystery’ bundle that you’re given, meaning it’s not always good for those with specific dietary requirements. All in all, though, it’s a great way to reduce food waste and you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you get a good buy!

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Store food properly

How often have you reached into your fridge only to find a mouldy cucumber lurking at the bottom of your salad drawer, or accidentally left your bread out for it to go mouldy in a day or two? Storing food properly is key if you want to reduce food waste – as is keeping to the age-old FIFO manta (first in, first out) with your fridge supplies. Swot up on what should go in the fridge and what shouldn’t – and remember that storing certain foods near to each other can speed up the ripening process. Ethylene-producing fruit and veg, for example, shouldn’t be stored near ethylene-sensitive ones – which means you shouldn’t keep you toms near your cucumbers or peppers. Having a good set of food storage containers is also handy so you can store and reuse leftovers easily.

We love: Tupperware’s new Smart Collection

Something that can help with any food storage dilemma is Tupperware’s new Smart Collection range, which covers everything from handy fridge solutions, to bread bins, pantry containers and cheese preservers. We tried a range of products, including the onion and potato storage containers and bread bin, and found they kept the desired food fresh and safe for a significant amount of time, and reduced food waste too. Each of the products have been specially designed with key features such as air-vents, humidity-control technology and moisture/odour membranes to keep food fresher for longer, and they all worked efficiently, while also looking great in our fridge and pantry!

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Use every mouthful

Here at Veggie we’re a big fan of leftovers and will often cook in bulk to ensure that we have dinners for days to come – and as a way to use up larger packs of fresh produce. There are plenty of other tricks to ensure you use every last mouthful as well as batch cooking. Got a handful of spinach left? Why not add it to a soup or stew? Left with half a punnet of strawberries that are nearly past their best. Make a smoothie! Got some herbs that won’t last much longer? Chop them up and freeze them, ready to be added to dishes at a later date. Think outside the box, and you’ll never be throwing away food again!

We love: the Nutribullet GO Portable Blender

If you’re often left with excess fruit that won’t last much longer, getting into the habit of making smoothies could be the ideal option – and the Nutribullet GO Portable Blender is the perfect gadget to use. As a sleek, cordless portable blender, it’s a must-have for anyone leading a fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. It boasts a compact and ergonomic design, making it the perfect companion for those always on the move and meaning that anywhere can be your next smoothie station.

We particularly like the powerful battery that charges in under five hours, offering an impressive 20 blending cycles before needing a recharge. The 370ml cup is just the right size too, ensuring you can make the perfect amount every time, rather than having lots of liquid left over at the end.

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Opt for plant-based, seasonal meals

Of course, being good to the planet is more than just about to reducing food waste, and when cooking and buying food it’s also worth thinking about how to reduce your environmental impact overall. Research indicates that plant-based diets have less of an impact on our planet that meat-rich ones, and we all know that eating locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients also helps reduce food miles.

We love: Grubby’s recipe kits

If you want to eat more sustainable, plant-based meals but think that vegan eating is bland or boring, you need to try this. Grubby’s recipe kits champion seasonal British produce and suppliers, containing everything you need to make a delicious vegan supper in under 30 minutes. With recipes like jackfruit katsu burgers with curried mayo slaw and mushroom stroganoff with roasted roots, each flavour-packed meal provides an impressive six varieties of fresh vegetables on average. You can get an online subscription and have the recipe kits delivered to your door – this is a great way to save on food waste as the kits contain all the ingredients you need for each recipe chosen. Or, if you fancy a healthier, less wasteful alternative to takeaway dinners, individual meal kits are available in Tesco, perfect for those who enjoy cooking without the faff of planning and shopping for seasonal ingredients.

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Try a food delivery subscription

We’re all guilty of buying a ton of different ingredients to make one new recipe – only for any unused bits to wilt in the bottom of the fridge or sit forgotten in a half-full jar on the top shelf. If this is a common problem in your house, why not try a food delivery subscription? These have become increasingly popular in recent years, with people relishing the chance to cook new and exciting recipes without adding another jar to their already-full spice rack or kitchen cupboards.

We love: Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is one such food delivery subscription and its meals offer a seamless culinary experience, blending convenience with creativity. We were thoroughly impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the entire process. With pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards, preparing a delicious, restaurant-quality meal becomes a breeze. Each recipe is meticulously curated, catering to various dietary preferences and offering a diverse range of flavours and cuisines – and tasty too. By delivering precisely measured ingredients, you can enjoy fresh, high-quality produce without the guilt of excess leftovers. Overall, it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify their meal planning and elevate their home cooking experience.

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