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A catering company is now delivering vegetarian and vegan ingredients to your doorstep

You can now get plant-based essentials and world foods delivered to your home

A catering company is now delivering vegetarian and vegan ingredients to your doorstep

At a time when supermarket delivery slots are few and far between, it can be difficult to get your hands on everyday items like cupboard essentials and plant-based alternatives if you’re self isolating.

Luckily, Vegetarian Express, a UK vegetarian and vegan food service company, has launched a home delivery option for the public to receive plant-based goodies delivered straight to their door.

If you haven’t heard of the company, it’s likely because it usually distributes vegan and vegetarian food to the catering industry. But in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown, the brand has expanded its business model to begin delivering ingredients to households – and that’s music to our ears!

You won’t be short on options, either, as the company offers over 700 products, including plant-based proteins like tofu, seitan and tempeh; flour, pulses and grains; as well as rare world ingredients and items from brands like Vivera, Gold&Green and Biffs Kitchen. Gluten intolerant? Don’t worry, there are options for you, too, and many ingredients are available to buy in bulk.

David Webster, managing director at Vegetarian Express, said: “Shopping for food is tough right now: it’s incredibly difficult to get food delivery slots, there are long queues at supermarkets, and reduced availability in-store. We’re also aware that many vegetarian and vegan foods like plant-based meat, non-dairy milk, and even essentials like lentils and grains have been hard for consumers to source from stores, so by providing access to our wide range of goods, and delivering them directly to homes, we hope to solve this problem and help people stay safe.

“We’ve specialised in plant-based food for over 30 years so we want to support the vegan and vegetarian community through what is a very challenging time, and make sure they can get the products and ingredients they need to support their plant-based diets.”

The delivery service is only in its initial stages, which means that customers can place phone orders and receive deliveries in and around Watford, where Vegetarian Express is based. But in the next couple of weeks, the company plans to extend its services to offer nationwide delivery. If you’re based outside of the Watford area, you can sign up to receive updates from the brand so you’re the first to know when delivery is available for you.

In the meantime, you can check out the full range of products available from Vegetarian Express on its website.