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Warning For UK Shoppers Over Toxic Toys

It has emerged that banned chemicals make up many of our children’s plastic toys

Warning For UK Shoppers Over Toxic Toys

UK Christmas shoppers have been warned of the risks after it was discovered that 290 of the 563 EU intergovernmental alerts issued over the course of one year were about plastic toys containing illegally high levels of chemicals. All of these toys could still be on sale in high streets across Britain.

To give you an example, almost half of toys which featured slime and putty, tested in a separate survey, had unexpectedly high levels of boron, wildly overshooting EU safety limits. As boron can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and even impact fertility in extreme cases, this isn’t great news for any Christmas shoppers purchasing toys.

This is the latest revelation in a series of incidents which the UN is calling the ‘silent pandemic’ of toxic pollution. Tatiana Santos, the chemicals policy manager of the European Environmental Bureau, told The Guardian: “Manufacturers do not fear the law and government inspectors are outnumbered and outgunned. We need proper chemicals control and enforcement more than ever.”

While you finish up your last-minute shopping, it’s worth bearing in mind the other kinds of toy on offer, and instead, choose wooden or eco-friendly toys from independent stores to ensure your children are free from exposure.

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