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Eco shop launches curated box of sustainable beauty buys

The Beauty Box is filled with eco-friendly essentials for your daily skincare routine

Eco shop launches curated box of sustainable beauty buys

If you’re trying to overhaul your beauty cupboard with more eco-friendly, natural products, then listen up!

Koti has just launched The Beauty Box to help you replace synthetic skincare and disposable beauty products with natural alternatives. The box is packed with a selection of hand-picked essentials that will make your daily beauty routine more sustainable.

Koti is a family-run eco brands that aims to make sustainable living easier for eco-friendly-minded consumers like us. The brand creates curated boxes featuring hand-picked products from planet-friendly brands so you can easily replace the plastic products around your house with more green alternatives.

The latest box is now available online for £28, and contains reusable, organic hemp facial pads; an organic hemp face cloth; biodegradable bamboo cotton buds; organic, natural make-up remover; organic, natural face wash; and a vegan lip balm. To find out more or grab your beauty box, visit

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