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Boost your veggie meals with this new umami sauce

This fermented soybean sauce will add a bold punch of flavour

Boost your veggie meals with this new umami sauce

If you’re bored of traditional sauces and want to jazz up your homemade veggie dishes then you need to check out Yondu. The new South Korean, plant-based umami seasoning was created to add a bold flavour to vegetarian and vegan dishes, and is a great alternative to concentrated stock or fish sauce.

Made from a three-month slow fermentation process, the versatile sauce features organic, protein-rich soybeans blended with a simmered seven vegetable broth. Whether you’re cooking Asian, British or international dishes, you can add just a few teaspoons to your favourite soups, broth, stir-fry, pasta dishes or other meal for a quick boost of flavour. Available from £3.75 at

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