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5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

These effective formulas are all Leaping Bunny-approved!


5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

In 2020, we’re lucky to have a wide selection of cruelty-free beauty products to choose from. What’s more, most of these are also natural, vegan and super-effective. That means we don’t have to compromise our beauty routine for our values. Here are five bunny-approved products that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

1. Q+A Super Food Facial Oil, £8,

For a no-frills approach to building routines, look no further than Q+A for a brand that tailors skincare to the individual, with its 98% natural and cruelty-free product range formulated in Norfolk, England. Use code LIVEGREEN for 20% off the full range.

5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

3. Willow Beauty Vitamin Facial Oil, £58,

You don’t need to sacrifice effective skincare for ethical skincare – you can have both! Willow’s certified, natural skincare ‘Sorbet Glow’ range is proven to reduce fine lines and improve skin health. With innovative, sustainably sourced ingredients, it's no wonder the brand has won over nine international beauty awards, and it's vegan! Products start at £28. Enjoy 25% off in the sale, with products like the Vitamin Facial Oil now available for £43.40, down from £58.

5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

4. Zao Natural Radiance Blush, £21.50,

Zao launched the Arizona Sunrise collection in July, inspired by the great outdoors and a longing to travel. The new collection is evocative of vast, desert landscapes with sun-scorched earth and solar hues, comprising a 'Coral Pink' matte Lip Ink, 'Peach Nude' Lip Gloss, Natural Radiance 'Peach' Blush (pictured), a vibrant blue and a deep rose pink nail polish, as well as four new shades of our rectangular refill eyeshadows that fit Zao’s best-selling refillable Duo Eyeshadow palettes.

5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

5. PHB Beauty Mesmerise Mascara, £20,

PHB Beauty’s Mesmerise Mascara could be the Holy Grail of Vegan mascaras.

This 'false lash effect' mascara gives you darker, longer, fuller lashes with just one coat. It's gentle to sensitive eyes, yet is water-resistant and lasts all day without smudging or flaking, and is made with lash-boosting botanicals that lengthen and strengthen lashes with regular use.

Aside from being great for sensitive eyes that react or water easily, it's pH balanced, 100% natural and vegan. Get £5 off with code LIVEGG5. Ends 1st Oct.

5 cruelty-free beauty products to try this month

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