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Vegan beauty buys for top-to-toe care

Cruelty-free and natural picks for the whole family

Vegan beauty buys for top-to-toe care

We often think of veganism as being limited to our diet, but the plant-based lifestyle is all about making kinder choices – and that means your skincare and beauty purchases, too.

While many conventional beauty and wellness products are tested on animals and contain animal-derived ingredients, the good news is that there are an increasing number of ethical brands in the UK that offer greener options for the conscious consumer. So whether you’re looking for vegan-friendly period products, or cruelty-free skin saviours, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill. Here are four to try…

Natracare Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons Regular, £2.75,

So, you’ve decided to go vegan this January – amazing! Eating a vegan diet is one of the best ways to care for animals, our planet and your body. But being vegan doesn’t have to start and end with your diet. Natracare’s period range is vegan-friendly, too!

The products are certified vegan by the Vegetarian Society, which guarantees no animal testing or animal derived ingredients in any product or part of manufacture. Natracare also uses organic materials that proactively care for animals, birds, bees and insects by avoiding pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Penny Price Aromatherapy Hair & Body Care, from £5.95,

Natural Aromatherapy’s range of products are designed with you in mind, with products from shampoo and hair masks, to body scrubs, shower gel and moisturisers to suit your needs.

The Wake Up & Energize range features a blend of bergamot, eucalyptus and rosewood to give you that extra pep in your step, invigorate the body and focus for the day ahead. If you’re looking for products to help you relax, then calm your senses with Wind Down & Relax. Featuring sandalwood and ylang-ylang, it offers the perfect way to end the day and induce sleep.

Care for your locks with the Frankincense & Orange Hair Care. Specially formulated for fine and oily hair, it will leave your tresses revitalised and silky soft. Rose & Lavender, meanwhile, is ideal for dry and normal hair types, gently nourishing and balancing your tresses.

Skin Food Body Butter, £19.75,

Skin Food Body Butter is green in more ways than one. For dry skin in need of some extra pampering, it’s formulated with a host of vegan, sustainably sourced, skin-caring ingredients to provide intensive moisturisation and nourishment, and is 100% NATRUE certified natural. Organic cocoa butter from Peru and organic shea butter from Burkina Faso are combined to create a rich and luxurious whipped texture that melts into the skin. The all-natural fragrance leaves a lingering scent of sweet orange, aromatic lavender and mellow balsamic benzoin. Let the luxury soak in, for supple skin.

Mum’s Skin Salve, £2.75,

A totally plant-based, vegan-friendly, and safe balm to alleviate symptoms of dry, itchy, sore, as well as chapped or eczema prone and irritated skin, this multipurpose balm is ideal for the whole family. Aside from being suitable for newborn skin, it’s also great for breastfeeding mums, as it’s safe to leave on whilst baby is latched on. It’s packed with botanical nutrients and antioxidants, helping to heal and restore skin health.

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