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The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

Get even more foodie inspiration from the web with our roundup of the best bloggers out there

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

1. The First Mess

Laura from Ontario, Canada, created this blog to reflect the kind of wholesome and seasonal food she enjoys. Recipes are healthy, simple and no-nonsense, and are clearly marked as vegan or gluten-free.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

2. Green Kitchen Stories

Regular readers of the Cook Vegetarian magazine will have already heard of Stockholm-based Green Kitchen Stories. Put together by partners David and Luise, the couple got more interested in healthy food after the birth of their daughter Elsa. The photography is inspiring and mouth-watering.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

3. Cookie and Kate

Kate, originally from Oklahoma, cooks the vegetarian food and her dog Cookie catches the crumbs! Dishes are sorted by courses and there are even sections for breakfasts, drinks and cookies. The ingredients are usually widely available too.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

4. Naturally Ella

After blogger Erin's dad suffered a heart attack, Erin (confused? Her initials are 'ella') and her family started eating more healthy foods, with no focus on calorie counting. She bases her food around seasonal dishes that don't use too many weird and wonderful ingredients making this blog super accessible.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

5. My New Roots

With jaw-dropping photography and mouth-watering recipes including Deluxe Butternut Squash 'n' Tease (vegan mac cheese to you and me), Sweet Potato Hash and Cream of Broccoli and Cashew Soup, this is one site you'll visit again and again. Bookmark it now.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

6. Sprouted Kitchen

Sara Forte thinks eating seasonally will change your take on everyday cooking, and she might just be right. Her talented partner takes the arty photographs while Sara invents deliciously healthy recipes such as Buckwheat Bowl with Roasted Romanesco, Lemongrass and Coconut Summer Rolls and Summer Squash Pasta with Green Goddess Dressing. And, as she and Hugh have just had their first child, there are great baby food recipes too.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

7. 101 Cookbooks

Do you have a kitchen shelf that's crammed with cookery books that you rarely use? If, like us, you're guilty as charged, you'll love 101 Cookbooks. It began when its author Heidi Swanson made the decision to cook from the books she already had instead of treating herself to new ones and since then, has evolved into Heidi writing her own recipes based on her life and interests. It's very popular, but for good reason.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

8. Tinned Tomatoes

A UK offering here from Scottish-based veggie and vegan food writer Jacqueline Meldrum. This blog is incredibly accessible with its everyday recipes that are super easy to make.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

9. Oh She Glows

This is a real favourite of the team here – the recipes are light, delicious and based on the beauty of vegetables, making it a delight to read. The photography is stunning and the recipes are wonderfully inspiring. Be warned, this blog will make you very, very hungry.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

10. Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward has been all over the national press recently and with a fabulous new cookbook out, which has everyone cooking healthy food, it's easy to see why. Ella battled undiagnosed health problems for years and when, by chance, her condition was finally diagnosed, she looked to food for assistance. Not only is her style of eating naturally luxurious, it's also being researched as a possible complementing treatment for her rare illness.

The 10 best vegetarian cookery blogs

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