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Sustainable beauty brand launches refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

The organic and vegan sanitiser combines effectiveness with eco-friendly values

Sustainable beauty brand launches refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

It’s no secret that hand sanitiser is one of the most sought-after products today thanks to this little thing called coronavirus (you’ve probably heard of it). But the world’s eagerness to use hand sanitiser to protect ourselves against COVID-19 has led to a bit of a problem.

It’s estimated that in the UK, we’ll use over 1 billion plastic hand sanitiser bottles this year alone. Considering 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, that means there’s a lot of single-use plastic that will be thrown away! Naturally, we still want to keep ourselves safe whilst doing our bit for the planet. That’s why we were excited to learn that cruelty-free, sustainable beauty company Beauty Kitchen had launched a refillable hand sanitiser spray.

The alochol hand sanitiser is free from microplastics, and is also part of the brand’s Return, Refill, Repeat programme, which has created a closed loop system, washing and reusing returned, empty packaging to create new batches of beauty goodies. The organic and vegan hand sanitiser is made with 62% non-GMO alcohol, organic aloe vera and antibacterial essential oils including peppermint; what’s more, that high alcohol content means the hand sanitiser dispenser will stay hygienic, making it ideal for refilling.

Speaking about the new hand sanitiser, the founder of Beauty Kitchen, Jo Chidley, said: “It’s important for everyone to think about how our choices impact us and the planet at all times. We have sustainability at the heart of everything we do at Beauty Kitchen, and we didn’t stray from this ethos when working double-time to produce our Hand Sanitiser Spray! It was vital that we offer both an effective and sustainable solution to single-use plastic hand sanitiser, and one that also contains zero microplastics inside.”

Beauty Kitchen’s vegan organic hand sanitiser spray is available direct from the company, starting from £15.50 for 2x 50ml bottles as well as value packs. Visit to find out more.