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“This cruelty-free tanning water gave me the confidence boost I needed”

Find out what happened when content creator Rachael put Rose & Caramel's self-tan products to the test


“This cruelty-free tanning water gave me the confidence boost I needed”

Confession time: I’m not much of a tanner, whether it’s laying out in the sunshine or treating myself to a self-tan at home. But with lockdown 2.0 meaning I’ve had to cancel plans with friends and family once again, I’ve been feeling quite low, so I thought that a tan might just give me the confidence boost I needed right now.

Made in the UK, Rose & Caramel offers cruelty-free self-tan products to use at home. Knowing the products were originally tested on clients in the founders’ beauty salon, I’m expecting a top-quality tan.

The Rose & Caramel range includes several options, including tanning mousse is various shades, a tanning aerosol, and a tanning water. There’s also a selection of products to to use alongside these, which are said to help your tan last longer, and even special formulas to remove your tan at home.

As I’m a newbie, I decide to give the Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water a try; it promises to offer a gradual, subtle tan that can be built upon day by day, while also offering extra hydration for my skin – sounds like a win-win! I also try the Purity Prep & Protect mist, as it’s recommended to keep skin hydrated, which can help increase the longevity of the tan.

I start by reading the handy ‘guide to tanning’ booklet that comes with the products, then prep my skin accordingly. Then it’s time to get tanning! I begin with a few spritzes of Purity Prep & Protect mist on particularly dry areas such as my knees and elbows. The spray smells wonderfully sweet and is super-light. Not much is needed at all, and it soaks right in.

Now my skin is ready for the main attraction! The glittery tanning water needs a shake to mix everything together and create a shimmering gold formula. Unfortunately the bottle didn’t come with a tanning mitt, and the instructions do recommend using one, so I take note of that for next time. Instead, I mist the oil-free solution over my skin and gently rub in with my hands. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the glitter, though you can’t actually see it from far away. Luckily, the overall effect is extremely subtle, which is just what I was after. The water leaves a little glow to my skin, and while it’s tempting to just keep spraying, I know this product is meant to be used daily to build up a gradual tan.

For the next few days, I continue to use the Prep & Protect mist as a daily moisturiser, as recommended to keep my skin hydrated and to help the tan last longer, as well as giving myself a few more spritzes of the Nudity Glow tanning water. Over time, my tan begins to build up more; it’s still subtle, yet offers enough colour to give my skin that ‘just back from holiday’ look. It’s definitely given me the confidence boost I needed!

Nudity Glow Tanning Water is available for £24.99 at Live Green & Good readers can enjoy 30% off all single products with code GREENGOOD30.

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