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Have a healthy Christmas with these festive food swaps

Simple swaps to help you stay on track

Have a healthy Christmas with these festive food swaps

The festive season is upon us – which means more food temptations. Check out these three swaps to help you enjoy some festive treats without going OTT on the indulgence scale!

Holiday treats

Our top tip is to make your own festive treats: it means you’re in control of what’s in your snacks, and it can work out to be cheaper, too! So swap shop-bought mince pies for homemade ones made with filo pastry instead – a treat that’s heavier on fruit and lighter on pastry. You can also swap shop-bought festive chocolates for homemade truffles using avocado and good-quality dark chocolate for a sweet treat that’s also nutritious, and ditch crisps and dips for homemade veg crisps and guacamole, using up leftover veg or peelings for a tasty treat.

Festive dinner party treats

At-home dinner parties look like the way to go this year with large restaurant gatherings sadly off the table. So use it to your advantage and offer up veggie-fuelled options in place of traditional dinner party foods.

Try swapping cheese and pastry-filled canapés for tempura vegetables and dipping sauce – anything goes, so why not try some tempura Brussels for a festive spin? You could also swap out the traditional deep-fried brie and cranberry starter in favour of a homemade vegetable soup or a baked cauliflower sharer. Sprinkle with roasted chestnuts and cranberries for a festive twist! You could also try rich chocolate trifle for a chocolate fountain or fondue, using good-quality dark chocolates and lots of fresh fruit for dipping – lots more fun and satisfying!

Healthy Christmas Day swaps

Christmas day should be a time to relax and enjoy delicious food! But often we overdo it with the treats and leave ourselves feeling sluggish.

To keep the nutrition up and the energy dips down, start your day with a protein and veggie-fuelled grill up, rather than a bagel or pastry. Your energy will remain more stable, leading to less snacking mid-morning. At dinner time, pile your plate full of vegetables before adding other trimmings like roasted potatoes and Yorkshires – you’ll fill up just as much but will be less likely to experience a carb slump later. Throughout the day, keep bowls of ready-to-eat fruit and festive nut mixes around the house to dip into, rather than raiding the chocolate tin every 30 minutes!

Christmas drink ideas

Christmas may have passed, but the celebrations will continue up to New Years for many. If you’re celebrating at home and enjoying a few festive drinks, try these swaps for a healthier twist on your festive tipple:

SWAP Baileys hot chocolate FOR Baileys over ice – skip the added sugar and enjoy a slow-chilled liqueur instead

SWAP large white wine FOR a white wine spritzer – it’ll last longer and help with hydration

SWAP cocktails FOR mocktails; skip the alcohol altogether –with mocktails you can hardly tell!

SWAP Prosecco FOR a bucks fizz – it helps cut alcohol and keep you hydrated – win, win!

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