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Going Veggie? It’s More than Just a Diet!


Going Veggie? It’s More than Just a Diet!

British brand Ecozone is pushing the boundaries in what it means to create eco-friendly cleaning products. Its vast selection of effective formulas and innovative products spans 100 items in various categories, including laundry, cleaning, dishwashing, home & lifestyle, and maintenance solutions, proudly approved and endorsed by PETA, The Vegan Society, Allergy UK, Cruelty-Free International and Naturewatch Foundation.

Ecozone started as a small family run business over 20 years ago. Essentially a brand created for families, providing products formulated with nature and ecology in mind, through ecological ingredients that are less damaging to the environment and more mindful plant-based alternatives instead of toxic and hazardous chemicals or unnecessary animal bi-products. 

Many adopt a veggie, vegan or plant-based diet for detox, ethical, environmental or even mindful reasons. But some forget that plants can also serve a purpose outside of what you eat or decorate your home with. Extending these ideas into our general lifestyle may awaken us to just how toxic most conventional consumable products can be and that there are other alternatives out there that are more eco-conscious, plant-derived and just as effective.

As a proud sponsor of the Veggie Awards 2022, which aims to put sustainable products in the spotlight while being a definitive guide for conscious consumers, Ecozone knows that cleaning is about more than just what’s being cleaned – it’s about the ingredients you’re cleaning with. Although unfortunately many commercial cleaning agents contain chemicals and toxins, Ecozone strive to eliminate ingredients like bleach, unnecessary VOC and caustic agents, ensuring each product can contain as many eco, plant-based and biodegradable ingredients as possible making your homes a safe and healthy place to thrive.

From fabrics and furniture all the way to cleaning products, there’s a way to introduce plant-based living into your general lifestyle outside of food, and for cleaning, you need to look no further. Ecozone is your one-stop eco-conscious shop for all things cleaning.

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