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Jimmy’s Oat Flat White: it’s vegan, it’s iced and it’s a total winner

Jimmy's Iced Coffee has launched a new product – and it's dairy-free!


Jimmy’s Oat Flat White: it’s vegan, it’s iced and it’s a total winner

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has launched a brand-new vegan iced coffee: Jimmy’s Oat Flat White.

Packed into prominent green packaging to reflect its plant-based origins, the recipe is oat-based and is the dairy-free version of the range.

The flat white name has become so popular in coffee shops that Jimmy’s wanted to launch an iced, dairy-free version of its own. An epic pick-me-up for both vegan and lactose-intolerant coffee fans, it’s super refreshing and a total game-changer for the iced coffee scene.

Jimmy’s Oat Flat White is made with single-origin Rainforest Alliance-certified Arabica coffee and has no added sugar – the only sweetness you can taste is naturally derived from the oats. Even better, it’s also just 123 calories per can. MEGA.

The extra shot creates a silky-smooth consistency and gives an epic caffeine kick with a strong finish.

The infinitely recyclable aluminium is much easier to recycle than plastic as you can whack it straight in the recycling bin. Now THAT is so important for the environment right now. From the moment you finish this bad boy and recycle it, it’s back on the supermarket shelf in 60 days.

Not only do these brand-new cans keep the good stuff ice cold, they look flippin’ awesome and they also put Jimmy’s a step closer to removing all plastic from its packaging. Just a few more reasons why this will be your go-to iced coffee.

The pimped-up vegan offering is smoother, stronger and silkier than ever before. You need to try it.

Jimmy’s Oat Flat White is available in Waitrose, Tesco, BP and many independent stores. You can buy a 12-pack directly from the website or subscribe at

Another brand-new vegan drink recently added to the range is Jimmy’s Coffee Cola. It’s a sparkling cola with a shot of Rainforest Alliance-certified cold brew coffee, and it’s available on Jimmy’s website. To find out more, visit and follow @jimmysicedcoffee on Instagram.