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3 simple ways to curb your food waste

With Zero Waste Week being marked from 2-6 September, there's a spotlight on preventing good food from being thrown away.

3 simple ways to curb your food waste

For the team at Riverford, it’s a subject that’s close to their hearts! The organic farm and organic veggie box delivery company takes its concept of organic, seasonal produce to the next level by doing everything it can to prevent food waste, from planning out its crops in advance to donating surplus produce.

Riverford may be a large company, but there’s plenty you can learn from the team to curb your own food waste at home!

All veg is created equal: Food is grown for flavour, not appearance, so don’t be afraid of knobbly, wonky or funny-looking fruit and veg – after all, it will still cook and taste the same!

Give back to others: If you’ve bought too much, rather than letting food rot and then throwing it away, consider donating it to others through food charities such as Foodcycle. You can also sign up to volunteer with Gleaning Network UK: get hands-on in helping rescue fresh, surplus fruit and veg from farms like Riverford where it would otherwise become waste, then pass it on to a good cause.

Consider the whole picture: Riverford is a big advocate of the ‘compleating’ mantra, encouraging people to use up all the edible parts of fruit and veg. Some vegetables like butternut squash can simply be washed rather than peeled, while homemade stocks are a simple way of using up every bit of your produce. Plus, if you have root veg like bunched carrots, beetroot or onions, you can reuse the tops to cook a creative recipe like this quick and easy Carrot Top Pesto!

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