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Pure Heavenly launches vegan chocolate bars and advent calendars

The range of 'milk' and dark chocolate bars are ideal for people with food intolerances

Pure Heavenly launches vegan chocolate bars and advent calendars

Whether you have food intolerances or simply want to enjoy a treat that’s not overly indulgent, there’s a new range of chocolate bars on the market that will hit the spot.

Pure Heavenly is billed as the UK’s first and only low-sugar and dairy-free vegan chocolate bar.

Having featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, the brand was started by Stephen Conway, who set himself a challenge of combining his passions for nutrition and chocolate to develop a tasty product that didn’t trigger his daughter’s food intolerances.

Besides being dairy-, gluten-, soy- and GMO-free, the bars contain no palm oil. Boasting a milky consistency, the Pure Heavenly vegan milk chocolate bars replace dairy milk with rice cream for a silky texture, and contain less than two grams of sugar per bar – to put that into perspective, the leading bar of chocolate in the UK contains 55g of sugar!

“There are lots of chocolate brands to choose from, but none of them do what Pure Heavenly does,” Stephen said.

“We have achieved the holy grail of combining dairy free and low sugar, without compromising on taste or mouth feel. Best of all, it is very satiating as it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like normal chocolate, which usually results in people finishing the whole bar and then feeling dreadful or, even worse, guilty. We’ve sold over a million bars through our website alone so far, and we have thousands of five-star reviews, so the proof literally is in the pudding (or in our case, the chocolate!).”

After winning over the Dragons in Dragons’ Den and securing a deal with Peter Jones, Stephen and Peter failed to agree on terms, leading the entrepreneur to withdraw. But that didn’t stop Stephen, who still went on to set up Pure Heavenly for chocolate lovers across the UK.

Pure Heavenly bars are available in ‘silk’ and dark bars, which contain a higher cocoa content. Flavours include Orange, Salted Caramel, Milk, Dark Cherry & Dark Ginger. They make perfect vegan Christmas gifts too, with the festive range including a chocolate advent calendar and luxury gift box. Visit to find out more and to shop.