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5 creative ways to cut food waste

Here's how to drastically reduce your food waste, save a few quid, and use up every last crumb, drop, and peeling!

5 creative ways to cut food waste

With Zero Waste Week being marked from 2-6 September, it’s the perfect time to overhaul your kitchen habits. Tom Bradley, head chef and Trashed ambassador at Lexington Catering, shares some creative recipes that will change the way you look at leftover food…

Make a plant-based mayonnaise

After opening a tin of chickpeas or kidney beans, how many times do you simply discard the water? Instead, try blending the liquid in a food processor at full speed. After it turns light and fluffy, gradually add any type of oil. The mixture will thicken, so keep adding the oil until the desired thickness is achieved. You can also season your mayonnaise by blending in roasted garlic and onion skins for extra flavour.

Re-purpose your peels

Gather up all of your vegetable peelings and finely chop them (or use a food processor). Season with salt, then cover and refrigerate overnight. The next day, add whatever dry spices you like, as well as flour, little bits at a time, until you can form it into small balls. Fry or oven bake the bhajis, until they are crispy on the outside.

Have a ball with bread

We’ve all done it: half a loaf of bread is left over and you just know it’s not going to make a great sandwich. Fear not, and throw not! Break up the bread in your hands, combine with a little warm and a good quality mixed dried herb. Form a flat, patty-like shape in your hand, then take a little cheese of your choice, and wrap the bread mix around it to form a ball. Bake until golden and crisp on the outside. This is great as a snack, dipped in the vegan mayonnaise above!

On-the-turn fruit cubes

The bottom of the fridge or overlooked fruit bowls are perfect hiding places for fruit. Never mind! Simply blend any on-the-turn fruit in a food processor, then fill up a couple of ice cube trays with the mixture. Once frozen, these are great summer treats for the kids (or adults!), and can be dropped into a fruit drink to chill it down any time.

Stale cereal resurrected

Cereal, granola, started one box, then another… we’ve all been there! To repurpose your stale cereal, pour it into a bowl, then mix in a little oil, sugar, and any seeds or nuts you have around. Bake until golden and crispy. When removed, stir in some dried fruits and leave to cool.

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