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Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands

5 companies take the ethical concept seriously

Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands

These days, with numerous brands billing themselves as eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, ethical and clean, it can be overwhelming as a consumer. Here, we share some of our favourite brands that are truly worthy of joining our Compassion Club, putting people and the planet before profits.

1. Ubiety

Kind to you, kind to others, kind to the environment: Ubiety is all about indulgent, natural body and home fragrance products that give back. Born out of a passion for holistic therapy, the lifestyle brand offers a range of items that are ethically produced in England, plus are vegan and environmentally friendly, coming packaged in glass with a refill scheme on the horizon. Aside from creating plant-based formulas to help you find a moment of calm amidst the bustle of everyday life, the brand epitomises the concept of 'giving back': all of its profits go to the Dorothy House Hospice Care to fund end-of-life-care for patients with life-limiting illnesses, as well as supporting their families and carers.

2. Bio-D

Creating products that don't cost the earth, Bio-D is a leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound and hypoallergenic vegan cleaning products. You won't find any nasty chemicals in the brand's products, just pure plant-based ingredients that are completely traceable. While the bottled packaging is 100% recyclable, Bio-D has also introduced packaging made from recycled plastic!

Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands

3. CJ Wildlife

As natural habitats come under threat, it's important that we offer protection and food for local species. Wildlife specialist CJ Wildlife creates products that put the needs of birds first, offering sustainable products created from eco-friendly and recycled materials to encourage better protection of the environment. But the company's efforts don't stop there: it also partners with charities such as Bat Conservation, Butterfly Conservation and Mammal Society, to support conservation and awareness projects; fund and drive projects for care and education of wildlife; and establish outdoor wildlife areas for our communities.

Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands

4. Mr Organic

As people become increasingly concerned about the impact that our food has on our health as well as the planet's, we're turning to companies that are transparent. Enter Mr Organic: an Italian food brand that has its sight set on creating a positive impact for the future. Started by three Italian friends who were passionate about making honest, organic and tasty food, the brand now offers 100% organic products, including pastas, sauces and ketchups. Not only that, every product is zero air miles-certified; all food products are palm oil-free; and all of the jars and tins are BPA-free and recyclable. The company cares about communities as much as the environment, regularly supporting charitable causes and projects, including environmental organisation, One Tree Planted; The Felix Project, a London-based charity that fights food waste and hunger; and Hugletts Farm animal sanctuary.

Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands

5. Critically Endangered Socks

Our wildlife is in urgent need of protection, which is why we love this brand. Critically Endangered Socks helps protect some of the world's most threatened species. The socks themselves are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton, and come in recycled cardboard packaging. The pieces are named after endangered species, including The Borneo Orangutan, The Amur Leopard, and The Maui Dolphin, and the sock you purchase determines which charity the brand helps, with partners including the WWF, Worldcats Conservation Alliance and Oceanic Society.

Join the Compassion Club with these ethical brands