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7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

These eco warriors are paving the way for a sustainable future...

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

When it comes to living a more ethical life, it can be overwhelming as you research brands’ ethical credentials and sustainable values. But there are plenty of companies out there that are leading the way, committing themselves to creating products that are good for you, and the planet. Here are seven of our favourites…

1. Shlurple’s Collapsible Straw + Cutlery set, £21.10,

Let's face it: plastic sucks! Fed up of single-use plastics, Shlurple has created long-lasting collapsible straws and reusable cutlery so you can be sure that you're not contributing to plastic pollution. This set combines both for a handy pack that's an ideal gift for the eco warrior in your life, and a must-have for anyone who's passionate about sustainability. Better yet, Veggie readers can enjoy an exclusive storewide discount by using the code VEGGIE10! Offer ends 20th December.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

2. Friendly Soap Selection Boxes, from £8.45,

Friendly Soap is blazing a trail for plastic-free products that are kind to the planet, as well as your skin. The brand's selection boxes are the perfect ethical gift for family and friends, or you could just spoil yourself! Each box includes four 95g Friendly favourites in one (recycled cardboard) place, so you can try a selection of facial, hair, body, or travel bars.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

3. Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Christmas Gift Collection, £18,

Coffee capsule machines may be super-handy for brewing up a decent coffee in a hurry, but all of those pods create quite the waste. That's why we love companies like Blue Goose, which creates eco-friendly coffee pods so you can still enjoy your cup of Joe without harming the planet. The Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Christmas Gift Collection is a great ethical, conscious gift option for your coffee-loving friends and family. The compostable, plastic-free capsules are available in a range of exceptional coffees, including Ethiopian and decaf.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

4. Grace and Green, from £4.85,

Sustainable period products are a great way to make that time of the month more eco-friendly. Enter Grace & Green, an award-winning, zero-waste hygiene brand crafting exceptional biodegradable period products made with 100% certified organic cotton. The collection has been intelligently engineered to protect your body and the planet. Want to try it for yourself? Veggie readers will receive an additional 20% off all first-time subscriptions. Just use the code VEGGIE19 at checkout, and wait for your products to be delivered discreetly to your door.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

5. UpCircle Face Moisturiser, £18.99,

Saving valuable skin-loving ingredients from going to waste, UpCircle is pioneering the way for zero-waste, sustainable beauty. The brand upcycles leftover natural ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, such as used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices, and gives them a new life in the form of beauty goodies. Better yet, the brand's entire range is handmade, organic, palm oil-free, and contained in recyclable packaging. Try the brand's new range, which includes this deeply-hydrating, fast-absorbing face cream. Made with the fine powder of discarded argan shells (a rich source of vitamin E) as well as skin-soothing cocoa butter, aloe vera and blood orange, the moisturiser helps to nourish and brighten your complexion.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

6. Kensington Nude Cross Body Bag, £89.99,

Editor Sian is a huge fan of Labante's products, not least because of the company's eco credentials. The Nude Kensington Cross Body Bag with pink undertones makes our cut of the best ethical fashion accessories. Made from Blue Star Premium Vegan leather with interiors from recycled plastic bottles, it's an ideal treat for yourself, and the perfect gift for your ethically-minded loved ones.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar

7. Uma Shine Coat, £309.91,

Ecoalf puts sustainability and transparency at the heart of everything it produces. Its mission is to create recycled garments that are equally as fashionable and durable as traditional, fast-fashion versions, turning plastic waste into super-stylish apparel and accessories. It's a winner in our books, too: we're coveting the Uma Shine Coat, a cosy addition to the ethical fashion lover's winter wardrobe.

7 ethical superheroes to keep on your radar