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Easy ways to make Black Friday green

While mega sales may be tempting, discount campaigns like Black Friday are anything but sustainable.

Easy ways to make Black Friday green

That said, we all love a good deal. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by shopping more consciously and taking the opportunity to support ethical companies while enjoying great discounts on products that won’t harm you or the environment. Here’s how…

1. Think Green

Before you get caught up in the craziness that is Black Friday, first consider whether you actually need anything. There's nothing wrong with shopping, but in a weekend that's all about materialism, it's worth taking a step back to think about whether you really need that item that's on special offer. If you weren't already thinking about it before those Black Friday deals flooded your inbox, perhaps you don't really need it. If you do need items, try to choose ethical companies and products who give back to communities and the planet.

2. Buy Secondhand

A recent OnePoll study commissioned by giffgaff revealed that six in 10 people say it's more important than ever to shop 'green' where possible. What's more, two-thirds of people consider the environmental and social impact of their purchases, from clothes, to white goods and gadgets. It's leading to more of us shopping for secondhand and refurbished items, which is not only cheaper but also better for the planet as it results in less waste - it also makes for a more unique shopping experience! At a time of year where people feel pressured by the consumerism ethos surrounding mega sales, giffgaff is hosting a Black Friday pop-up shop where 100 items (including 'like new' refurbished phones) will be displayed, yet none of them are for sale. So, what's the catch? To enter, you just have to 'pay' with a pledge and commit to choosing refurbished wherever possible. Friday 29th November, 10am-5pm. 9-11 Short's Gardens, London

Easy ways to make Black Friday green
Image: OnePoll study commissioned by giffgaff

3. Sustainability Matters

There's no denying that Black Friday is the ideal opportunity to bag a bargain on your favourite brands as well as new ones. But make a conscious choice to shop more sustainably by supporting eco-friendly and ethical companies like Beauty Kitchen. The brand, which creates natural, cruelty-free products made with sustainable materials, is offering 70% off all of its Sustainable Black Friday Outlet products until 2nd December, so there's no rush to purchase your items in just 24 hours. Take your pick from over 80 items, including skincare, hair care and beauty bundles. The company also donates 2% of its sales to various charities, including Plastic Soup Foundation, so you'll know that your purchase is having a positive impact on the environment as well as the community.

4. Be a Rebel

Reuse. Recycle. Revamp. That's the concept at the newly launched VAMPED, an immersive upcycling experience created by WhiP hair salon in London. The event brings together design, craft, workshops and live reworking of old clothes so you can ditch the deals in favour of giving your existing wardrobe a lovingly creative makeover. Sit back and enjoy a full programme of music, art, and fashion performances while turning an old item - be it a T-shirt, jeans, bag or shoes - into a 'new' masterpiece. It's not only a fun day out, but a great way to rebel against the Black Friday trend. Tickets cost £10 and profits are donated to charity Crisis in aid of homelessness. Saturday 30th November, 11am-6pm. Night Tales, Bohemia Place, Hackney Central, London.

5. Green is the New Black

Not all shopping is bad, especially when it could ultimately help do good! Join in Plastic Freedom's Green Friday movement where you can get your hands on eco-friendly and plastic-free gifts for people to help them on their sustainable journey. Until 2nd December, you can shop for essential products from brands like Zao, Georganics, Hydro Phil, Chilly's, and Wild Sage & Co. There's everything from refillable, plastic-free make-up to stocking sets, travel gift packs, reusable wine and tumbler sets, zero-waste utensil kits, and more. Aside from discounts of up to 45%, you'll also receive a free gift on orders over £75, additional discounts the more you spend, and the chance to unveil secret codes with your order! For a company that's all about living a zero-waste, plastic-free life, we love the ethos behind this spin on the traditional Black Friday campaign.