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Tropic launches environmentally friendly sunscreen range

The reef-safe collection offers defence against UVA and UVB rays

Tropic launches environmentally friendly sunscreen range

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Tropic recently launched its new range of sun protection just in time for Sun Awareness Week.

The launch of products that are environmentally friendly and safe for the skin reflect the brand’s ethos to create a healthier, greener, and more empowered world.

Speaking about the launch, Tropic founder and CEO Susie Ma explained her own challenge in finding a natural and safe mineral sunscreen that would glide easily onto her skin while exercising outdoors, whether her skin was exposed to scorching temperatures or freezing conditions.

The result is a range of formulas that are hydrating, water-resistant, natural, easy-to-apply, safe for the environment when washed off, safe for skin, and smell good, to boot!

Even in a climate like the UK’s, sunscreen is essential, as our skin can still be exposed to harmful rays that penetrate clouds, and can even stream in through windows when we’re in the car or indoors. By simply wearing SPF50 on a daily basis, experts agree we can automatically reduce our risk of getting skin cancer. But many sunscreens on the market are unsafe, both for us and the environment.

Tropic’s sun care range is a hybrid of chemical and mineral sunscreens, offering broad-spectrum protection through the use of reef-safe chemical filters that won’t harm the skin, oceans or environment. The products have been rigorously tested and proven to protect skin against daily pollution and blue light damage. Coming in eco-friendly packaging, the products can also be returned so the company can reuse them, giving customers mini products in return. To find out more, visit: