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Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

Ditching plastic has never been this easy


Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

From solid shampoo bars to refillable make-up palettes, these ethical brands make ridding your beauty routine of plastic that much easier.

1. Whitfords

Handmade in the UK, Whitfords is a 100% plastic-free brand. That means you won’t find a single plastic cap, insert, label, pump, lid or dropper in any of its vegan, botanical skincare products. When they say no plastic, they mean it. The aluminium containers are reusable and endlessly recyclable, and the products are formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, using premium, efficacious ingredients.

This month the team is celebrating being a truly, 100% plastic-free brand by giving away its entire range, including the new Arnica & Cupuacu Body Moisturiser, to one lucky winner – that’s almost £200 worth of products! Head over to Whitford’s Instagram page for more information and to enter the competition.

Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

2. Zao

Perfect your plastic-free makeup collection with Zao’s newly launched Arizona Sunrise summer collection. Evocative of warm, sunny climes and an independent spirit, the range comprises a delectable ‘Apricot Pink’ lip ink, delicately pretty ‘Peachy Pink’ lip gloss, along with a beautiful blue-green nail polish, a delightfully feminine rose pink nail polish, a flattering coral matte blush and four on-trend shades of rectangular eyeshadow refills to fit Zao's refillable Duo eyeshadow palette. Arizona Sunrise is available to purchase now. Save 10% on the new launch by using discount coupon 'SUMMER' at checkout.

Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

3. Biovène Barcelona

Swapping out bottled haircare products in favour of solid bars is a great step in your plastic-free journey. Biovène Barcelona’s shampoo and conditioner bars are plastic-free, vegetarian, and responsibly produced. Packed with essential oils and natural ingredients, each bar can cleanse hair up to 50 times, leaving it incredibly clean and fresh.

Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

4. We Love the Planet

We Love the Planet is a wonderfully soft and highly effective deodorant cream formula packaged in either a recyclable snaplock tin or a wide-opening compostable and biodegradable cardboard tube, which makes it easy to use and apply. The effective formula, which is made with 100% natural ingredients, will keep you feeling fresh all day, offering maximum protection against odours. As it’s aluminium free, it won’t clog your pores, and ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, caprylic acid and St John’s Wort provide a calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

5. Natracare

Your time of the month shouldn’t stop you from doing your part for the planet. Switching to organic and natural period products is one of the easiest ways to make a positive change for Plastic-free July and beyond. Period products don’t need to be made from plastic or harsh chemicals. In fact, Natracare has been making eco-friendly alternatives from renewable and compostable materials for 30 years. Natracare’s Ultra Extra pads are 100% plastic-free with only soft organic cotton touching the skin, and compostable plant cellulose as the absorbent core. Free from perfumes, dyes and chlorine bleaching, these pads allow intimate skin to breathe.

Plastic-free beauty brands that should be on your radar

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