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A nutritionist’s guide to eating for healthy joints

We hear from nutritionist and former champion athlete, Anita Bean on the best foods to eat to support joints


A nutritionist’s guide to eating for healthy joints

Ageing is linked to a variety of changes in the body, and it can have a particular effect on joint health. As we age bones become less dense, muscle mass decreases and cartilage can become thinner, especially after the menopause, so ensuring we’re getting the right nutrients to support these functions is key.

But when a simple search for joint-friendly foods brings up over 100 million results, it can be hard to know what advice to trust. To help, we’ve teamed up with GOPO and award-winning registered nutritionist and former champion athlete, Anita Bean to cut through the noise and provide six easy dietary additions to support healthy joint function long-term.


“Kale is packed with nutrients such as beta-carotene and Vitamins C, E and K which may help protect joint tissues from oxidative damage,” Anita says.


Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, which has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties,” she recommends.


“Protein is key for building healthy connective tissue and plant proteins such as beans and lentils feed the healthy microbes in your gut, which is so important for reducing inflammation,” Anita says. “Try and include a wide variety of plant foods in your diet. Aim to try and consume at least 30 different types of plants per week.”

Oily fish

“Oily fish are packed with healthy omega-3 fats shown to reduce inflammation with the added benefit of keeping your heart healthy,” she says.


“Nuts are a great snack to have on the go, they contain antioxidant nutrients that can help reduce inflammation and protect against cell damage,” says Anita.

Got it! But, what about supplements?

“In addition to a healthy diet, there is evidence that some supplements may help to support joint health,” says Anita.

Whilst a healthy diet is key to all-round health and wellbeing, introducing a clinically backed supplement alongside joint-friendly foods may help benefit joints from the inside out.

Introducing the new GOPO Joint Health Powder, providing specially cultivated rose-hip to support joint health in a versatile vegan formula that can be incorporated within foods and drinks.

Rose-hip may play a valuable role in the care of joints and joint tissues. Now available as a powder that can be easily sprinkled, sipped and stirred into your daily routine.

GOPO Joint Health Powder is available to buy from Amazon and independent chemists nationwide and is priced at £19.99 for 100g. Visit the website for further information.

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