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PETA releases vegan guides to top holiday destinations

As the vegan lifestyle grows, PETA has announced a series of Vegan City Guides to encourage tourists to explore destinations with compassion for animals in mind.

PETA releases vegan guides to top holiday destinations

PETA’s free Vegan City Guides feature insider information from vegans around the world, who offer advice on how to explore their city the cruelty-free way.

Currently, the booklets cover five cities – Berlin, Goa, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney – and offer tips on everything from how to say “I’m vegan” in Portuguese, to finding local, plant-based cuisine in India. The guides also feature maps to help holidaymakers find the best vegan spots in each destination, from restaurants to shops, and also highlight attractions to avoid, particularly ones that exploit animals for entertainment.

Speaking about the launch, PETA Director Elisa Allen, said: “Ethical travel is on the rise, and with good reason – today’s globetrotters want to reduce their impact on the planet. PETA’s Vegan City Guides are the perfect travel companions for anyone who wants to discover the many plant-based offerings available in these fascinating cities.”

To order your copy of the guides, go to