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Linda McCartney’s brings back its popular Vegemince

The relaunch coincides with the brand's new-look packaging

Linda McCartney’s brings back its popular Vegemince

Popular plant-based brand Linda McCartney‘s has brought back its well-loved Vegemince. The perfect freezer staple, the meat-free mince is ideal for whipping up dishes like lasagne, spag bol and chilli. Low in saturated fat and high in protein, the product sums up the brand’s ethos of offering meat alternatives that are kind to animals, the planet and us.

Linda McCartney’s is a pioneer in the plant-based food industry, having paved the way for the vegetarian and vegan movement 30 years ago. Now, as well as bringing back its popular mince, the brand has unveiled a new look with rebranded packaging. The McCartney family themselves had a big part to play in the new design, with the brushtroke texture nodding to Linda’s photography work, and Stella penning the back-of-pack bio. It’s the first time the brand has updated its packaging since 2016, and it’s hoped the it will make the products stick out for fans, so keep an eye out for the vibrant green boxes.

Linda McCartney’s Vegemince is now available in the freezer aisle of leading supermarkets for £3. To find out more visit:

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