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The Best Vegan Mascaras Available In The UK: Reviewed

Need a new mascara? These ethical mascaras worth sp-lashing out for, as tested by Sadie Frost and Veggie deputy editor Sian Bunney

The Best Vegan Mascaras Available In The UK: Reviewed


SADIE: The simple packaging of this product belies a lovely mascara that felt really fresh. It smelled of rose water which was a welcome surprise and added another dimension to my make-up routine. I found that the consistency of the actual product was slightly thicker than the other mascaras, and made my lashes look longer and voluminous – result!

SIAN: After a glowing review of this Arbonne mascara from Veggie editor, Holly, I was excited to try it out – even more so when I read the intriguing name for this product. With the idea of super-lengthened lashes in my mind, I applied the wand languidly from root to tip after a little wiggling, but was surprised to find that barely any mascara had actually clung onto the tool. I resorted to my favourite, trusty everyday mascara, and used the Arbonne one afterwards as a secondary eyelash separator – the tip of the wand is great for this.

"I love the power of eyelashes; to me it’s what really highlights the face. I’m always looking for the perfect brand: one that conditions, smells nice and makes my lashes look long and thick. All these mascaras ticked my boxes, and made me feel as doe-eyed as Audrey Hepburn!"- Sadie Frost


SADIE: The first thing that strikes me about this mascara is its eye-catching packaging – it’s definitely appealing to a younger market, but I was pleasantly surprised by the glossy,
slick mascara. It really made my lashes look long and luscious, proving that a low-cost product can still deliver the goods.

SIAN: This mascara packed more product onto the brush than the others, and did a decent job at lengthening my lashes. However, again I would have liked to see even more product distributed along my eyelashes – after a few coats they were still not as black or as long as I’d like, so once more I returned to my old faithful mascara. It’s great to see a really affordable high- street brand create a vegan product though; it proves that ‘ethical’ doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.


SADIE: I was looking forward to trying this mascara out, as I liked the idea of aloe vera conditioning my lashes. I’m pleased to report that this product works on the lashes individually, giving them a light and smooth appearance – it really feels as though this is a 2-in-1 product, concentrating on both the health of your lashes, and the way they look.

SIAN: This was my favourite product, as it packed more mascara onto the wand than any of the others, and the chunky applicator helped to increase the volume of my lashes. You can’t deny the ethical credentials of this mascara; it’s certified organic to COSMOS standards, is 100% natural and paraben-free, vegan, cruelty- free, and is packaged in sustainable bamboo material. It’s also refillable, with refills costing £13.50.

"I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that I’m very fussy when it comes to mascara. I have naturally curled, dark lashes so I need something heavy- duty to really notice a difference, but these vegan mascaras would work well for a day-time look." - Sian Bunney


SADIE: I loved the chic packaging of this product – it’s slick and neutral, creating quite a futuristic vibe. The brush is reasonably small, letting you get really close to the roots of your lashes and allowing you to work on them individually. As a result of doing this, my eyelashes looked really streamlined, and I found the product light, without any clogging.

SIAN: The shape of this brush is bent to fit the natural curve of your eye, which goes some way towards helping to lengthen your lashes. Again, though, I didn’t think that enough product transferred to the brush once out of the bottle, so a few coats were needed. However, our editor, Holly, loves the long-lasting staying power of this mascara, so I think the effect really does come down to personal preference.

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