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7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

When you're trying to be environmentally friendly at home, you're likely to be focusing on ways you can reduce your reliance on plastic.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

This is a great step, but with Zero Waste Week being marked from 2-6 September, we’re turning our attention to package-free products and refill schemes as well!

Here are some of our favourite brands that are helping us put the ‘able’ back in ‘sustainable’...

1. Ecover, £1.60,

This eco-conscious brand has become one of the largest producers of ecological washing and cleaning products in Europe and the UK. Now, the company is going one step further with the launch of its new washing-up liquid made from at least 25% waste ingredients, including leftovers from the brewing process of non-alcoholic beer! Scented with apple and bergamot, the limited-edition liquid is also packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, plus the cap is made from 50% post-consumer plastic.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

2. Bio-D 5L Bathroom Cleaner, £9.50,

Ethical cleaning company Bio-D is all about the refills. The company produces 5L and 15L versions of its products as a way of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic, and over the past year has seen a 100% increase in sales of its refill products. The company has now added 5L refills of its Bathroom Cleaner, as well as Lavender-Scented Washing-Up Liquid, and Glass and Mirror Cleaner to the range. Refill stations can be found at select independent stores across the country, as well as Oxfam stores and Ocado.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

3. Collapsible Metal Straw & Travel Case, £6.99,

Many of the items we purchase these days are designed to be replaced after only a short life-span, whether it's a toothbrush or kitchen sponge. Join the Zero Waste Club and you can find essential, reusable items that will help you cut down on single-use waste. Products include wooden utensils, cleaning brushes and travel essentials.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

4. Huski Home Sustainable Rice Husk Travel Cups, £9.99,

All of those high-street coffees, teas and hot chocolates can certainly lead to excess waste from plastic lids to the sleeves and the cups themselves. But you shouldn't have to give up your caffeine fix. Just arm yourself with a reusable mug that's stylish as well as sustainable. We love the Huski cups; they're biodegradable, feature a leak-proof flip lid and non-slip base, and are twin-walled to keep drinks warmer for longer without burning your hand.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle

7. Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar, £12.99,

This plastic-free beauty brand has finally landed in the UK and it's revolutionising our stash. Switching to bars is one of the easiest ways to cut down on waste in your bathroom, which is where Ethique comes in. Its lush products, such as this shampoo bar with hints of pink grapefruit and sweet vanilla, come packaged in nothing but paper for a low-waste alternative to bottled shampoo.

7 essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle